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Celler Albet i Noya

Celler Albet i Noya

Albet i Noya, within the D.O. Penedés, have been pioneers in vineyards and organic wines since 1978. They care and love for the vineyard because, as they say, "only with the best vineyard, we are capable of making the best wine".

In the field of organic farming, they avoid the use of insecticides and work only with plant and organic material. All its production (the own vineyards and those of the suppliers) is certified by the CCPAE. Among its own vineyards, we find the VRIAACC project: Resistant and native varieties adapted to climate change that will give us, in the long run, healthier wines with less costs. We also find vineyards where ancestral varieties are recovered: old vines that disappeared due to phylloxera.

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