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Sparkling D.O. Penedès wines have always been high quality wines. But when in 2014 with the entrance of new wine cellars, the Denomination have a special recognition. From that moment, those sparkling wines would be known as Clàssic Penedès.
  • What’s the elaboration process of Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines?

    All of them follow the traditional and ancestral method. In addition, the Regulation Council of Clàssic Penedès have some requirements like the ecological production of techniques and crops of Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines. The production is exclusively limited of D.O. Penedès territory. Clàssic Penedès wines must be 100% Reserve, being aged more than 15 months.

    Which are the most distinguished varieties of Clàssic Penedès Denomination?

    All the wineries choose the classical varieties to elaborate sparkling wines, for example, Chardonnay grape type that represents the most used grape to produce sparkling wines.

  • Why should you gift these Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines?

    Clàssic Penedès denomination have so many fans and great renown so all these wines from Penedès grounds are high quality. At LaVinateria there can be found the best and cheap Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines, and also the greatest Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines.

    Which are the wine cellars that highlight at LaVinateria?

    At LaVinateria you will find Clàssic Penedès sparkling wines. Wines from different wineries like AT Roca, Celler Albet i Noya and Finca de la Font de Jui.


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