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The term "Sparkling Crianza" refers to a type of sparkling wine that has undergone a period of aging or aging in the winery before being marketed. Although the term "Crianza" is most associated with red wines aged in oak barrels, it is also applied to some sparkling wines, particularly in wine regions that use the "Crianza" classification on their labeling.

How are aged sparkling wines made?

Aged sparkling wines are made through a process that involves a second fermentation in the bottle, where the base wine is mixed with yeasts and sugars to create natural bubbles. After this fermentation, the bottles are sealed and stored horizontally for a specific aging period in contact with the lees (dead yeasts), which can vary in duration depending on the style of the sparkling wine. During this time, the lees add complexity and flavor to the wine, while the gas pressure slowly develops. At the end of the aging process, the bottles undergo a disgorgement process to remove the lees and are then sealed again.


The result is a sparkling wine with a greater depth of flavor, a smooth texture, and a fine, persistent bubble, ideal to enjoy on special occasions.

What are aged sparkling wines like?

Aged sparkling wines are sparkling wines that tend to have greater aromatic complexity and a creamier texture, with notes that may include hints of toasted bread, nuts, and ripe fruits. They are ideal for special occasions and for those looking for sparkling wines with more character and sophistication.

Grape varieties for aged sparkling wines

Aged sparkling wines can be made from a variety of grapes, and the choice of grape varieties can vary depending on the production region and the style of wine you are seeking to create. White grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are common for aged sparkling wines, providing elegance and structure. In the case of rosé sparkling wines, red varieties such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are used. The combination of these grapes, their fermentation process and their specific aging contribute to the complexity and quality of aged sparkling wines, which can vary widely in flavor and style.

What can we accompany aged sparkling wines with?

Aged sparkling wines are versatile and can be enjoyed on a variety of occasions and with a wide range of foods. They are ideal as appetizers and pair well with light dishes such as seafood, oysters, sushi, and ceviche due to their refreshing acidity and elegant bubbly. They can also enhance poultry dishes such as lemon chicken or orange duck. Their complexity and depth of flavor make them excellent partners for soft or hard cheeses, and their versatility makes them a perfect choice for celebrations and special toasts.


In short, aged sparkling wines complement a wide variety of dishes and occasions with their elegance and sophistication.

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