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White Wines Gewürztraminer

Gewurztraminer variety comes from the Italian town Termeno, where still today there are some of the best vineyards of this strain. Its origin is also thought to be from Nordic zones, Germany, or Alsace. Nowadays it can be found on so many places and Spain is not an exception. This variety highlights for being such an aromatical grape to produce natural fruity wines.

Which are the characteristics of the Gewurztraminer grape?

It is a well-recognized grape with some especial characteristics that differentiate from other varieties. Italian Gewurztraminer has high sugar volume with Mediterranean nuances. On the other hand, there is the German or Alsace variety, which is darker with subtle sensations and less marked nuances. Generally, gewurztraminer grapes produce fruity wines reminding of exotic fruit and aromatical herbs. It has slow maturation and a high alcoholic degree.

What makes Gewurztraminer wines so especial?

Intense aroma that this variety offer is found inside the skin that’s why the caring is so important. Gewurztraminer white wines are silky, fresh, and mineral but they are also fruity wines. All of them are so renowned due to their fruity savour and freshness they get. It is also important to highlight that these wines can be combined with desserts, aperitives, Asiatic or Japanese meals and spicy food.

Which are the best Gewurztraminer wines to gift?

The selection of the best Gewurztraminer wines is at LaVinateria from wineries like Otto Bestué, Gramona, Juvé&Camps, León Beyer, Maison Trimbach, Pinord or Sumarroca. The best white Gewurztraminer cheap wines to gift. 


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