La Vinyeta is a small exploitation of vine and olive groves in the middle of Empordà, in Mollet de Peralada. It is a young, family-run company, the result of effort and enthusiasm.

The origin of this project dates back to 2002 when a couple of old vines - from the ages of 55 to 80 years old - were purchased from Samsó and Garnatxa. As of that moment, new plantations were carried out up to the current 30 hectares. The project was consolidated in 2006 with the construction of the winery and the elaboration of the first wines. From the year 2009, La Vinyeta winery is one of the first wineries to become part of the Integrated Production, a farming system that respects the environment. In this context, the wines of La Vinyeta are born. The basic line of wines: Heus, Seeds and Point and apart. The white, black and pink Heus wines are the freshest and most carefree of La Vinyeta. Later, with six months of barrel, the Seed, the development appears. And in an endless end, with 12 months of barrel, we find the wine Punt i apart, the insynge of La Vinyeta. Find out what is hidden behind each one of them. Http://

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