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Whiskeys are currently produced in several countries around the world, although some are better known than others.

Each country has its own style and tradition of whiskey production, and each offers a wide variety of flavors and styles of whiskey.

What are the countries that make whiskey?

Several countries around the world make whiskey, with some of the most prominent being Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Japan, and India.

Scotland is world renowned for its Scotch whisky. Scotch whiskeys are made from malted barley and distilled in copper stills. There are different styles of Scotch whiskey, such as single malt and grain whiskey.

In Ireland, Irish whiskey is famous for its smoothness and light taste. It is produced using malted and unmalted barley and is triple distilled in copper pot stills. Irish whiskey is known for its smooth profile and fruity notes.

In the United States, the best-known whiskey is bourbon. It is made primarily in Kentucky and is made from a blend of grains, with at least 51% corn. The bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels and has a rich, sweet flavor.

In Canada, whiskey is characterized by its smoothness and versatility. It is made using a mixture of grains, such as corn, rye, malted barley, and wheat. Canadian whiskey is often distilled multiple times and aged in oak barrels.

In recent years, in Japan, Japanese whiskey has gained international recognition for its high quality. It is inspired by the Scottish brewing process, using copper pot stills and malted barley. Japanese whiskey is characterized by its elegance and complexity.

India has also emerged as a prominent whiskey producer in recent years. Indian whiskey is made primarily from malted barley and uses a combination of traditional and modern distillation methods.


These are just some of the countries known for their whiskey production, but there are other places, such as Australia, France, and Taiwan, that are also gaining recognition in the whiskey industry. Each country has its own production style and technique, resulting in a wide variety of whiskey flavors and profiles throughout the world.

What is the difference between whiskeys from different countries?

Whiskeys from different countries can have significant differences in terms of ingredients, production methods, regulations, and flavor profiles.

The ingredients used in the production of whiskey vary by country. For example, in Scotland, malted barley is mainly used, while in the United States, bourbon is made from a blend of grains, with corn being the main component. In Japan, both malted barley and other grains are used.

The malting process, which involves soaking, germinating and drying the barley grains, can vary between producing countries. Some countries, such as Scotland and Ireland, often malt their own barley, while others may import malt or use different malting techniques.

Distillation methods may also differ. For example, in Scotland and Ireland, distillation in copper pot stills is used, while in the United States continuous column stills or "pot stills" are used to distill bourbon.

Whiskeys can also vary in terms of the barrels used for aging. In Scotland, oak barrels previously used to age bourbon or sherry are common, which can influence the flavors and aromas of the whiskey. In other countries, different types of barrels are used, such as new oak or wine barrels.

Each country has its own whiskey production regulations and standards. These regulations may dictate minimum aging requirements, allowable alcohol percentages, and other specifications that affect the quality and label of the whisky.

Due to differences in ingredients, production processes, and aging, whiskeys from different countries have unique flavor profiles. For example, Scotch whiskeys often exhibit a wide range of flavours, from the smoky and peaty of Islay to the fruity and spicy of the Highlands. Irish whiskeys tend to be smoother and lighter, while American bourbons can have sweet and caramel notes.


These are just some of the common differences between whiskeys from different countries. The diversity in whiskey production around the world provides whiskey lovers with a wide variety of choices and taste experiences to enjoy.


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