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What kind of preparations are used for white wines?

White wines by production encompass various practices and approaches that seek to highlight the characteristics and uniqueness of white wines. Some of these techniques include organic winemaking, microvinifications, and biodynamic agriculture.

What characteristics do white wines have?

Organic white wines are produced following sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. In organic viticulture, the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers is avoided, and the use of natural methods to control pests and diseases is encouraged. The objective is to preserve the health of the soil and maintain biodiversity, which is reflected in the quality and purity of the resulting white wines.

What are the particularities of white wines made from microvinifications?

On the other hand, microvinifications focus on the production of small amounts of wine, allowing greater control and attention at each stage of the process. In this approach, the grapes are carefully selected, and specific winemaking techniques are used to bring out the individual characteristics of each vineyard or parcel. Microvinifications seek to express the diversity and unique personality of white wines, offering a more exclusive and detailed wine experience.

What is special about biodynamic wines?

Biodynamic agriculture is another winemaking approach that is based on holistic and spiritual principles. It is considered a more complete approach than organic viticulture since it seeks to work in harmony with the rhythms and energies of the environment. In biodynamic agriculture, natural preparations are used, such as compost and herbal teas, and lunar and cosmic calendars are followed for planting and harvesting. The aim is to achieve a balance in the wine ecosystem and produce white wines that reflect the vitality and authentic expression of the terroir.

Why are different elaborations used to produce white wines?

These production techniques, whether organic production, microvinification, or biodynamic agriculture, seek to create white wines with a special character and a unique identity. These wines can present a greater aromatic expression, a greater complexity in Flavors and a more distinctive mouthfeel.

Why buy white wines at LaVinateria's online wine store?

It is important to note that the choice of white wines made according to these approaches will depend on the individual preferences and personal values of each consumer. Exploring these white wines by production allows you to enjoy more conscious wine experiences and discover new dimensions of flavour and quality in white wines.


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