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"Organic Sparkling Wines" are sparkling wines that are produced following certified organic farming practices and respecting the environment at all stages of their production.

How are Organic sparkling wines made?

Organic sparkling wines are produced following strict certified organic farming practices. When growing grapes, synthetic pesticides and herbicides are avoided, and the use of natural methods is promoted to control pests and strengthen soil health. In winemaking, the use of chemical additives is minimized and fermentation with native yeasts and more natural techniques is favored, with the aim of preserving the purity of the wine and its authenticity.

What are Organic sparkling wines like?

These sparkling wines stand out for their purer and more sustainable nature. They tend to exhibit vibrant freshness and acidity, with fruity and floral flavors and aromas that reflect the terroir at its best. The lack of chemical intervention allows the wine's character to shine through authentically, resulting in a fresh and balanced profile.

How to accompany Organic sparkling wines?

Organic sparkling wines are ideal as aperitifs to whet your appetite and prepare your palate before a meal. They pair especially well with fresh seafood, such as oysters and shrimp, due to their refreshing acidity. They are also a great option for light dishes, such as green salads, carpaccio, and sushi. Their versatility extends to soft cheeses, such as brie or chèvre, and they can accompany not very sweet desserts, such as a pear or melon tart with ham, where their freshness balances the sweetness of the dish.


In short, organic sparkling wines are sustainable and authentic wines that fit perfectly into a variety of occasions and pairings, highlighting the quality of the ingredients and respect for the environment.

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