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White D.O. Rueda wines highlight due to their Verdejo grape type. The denomination was created over 1980 and it’s known to be the most antique of Castilla and Leon.  Apart from producing white wines Rueda, they also produce rosé Rueda wines and red Rueda wines. The cultivating extension of white varieties far exceeds red varieties vineyards. D.O. Rueda has a total extension of 19.892 hectares of vineyards. The climate of this zone is perfect to produce high quality well known white wines. Is located at the South of Valladolid, the West of Segovia and at the North of Avila. The continental climate makes this lands so special.

  • How are white Rueda wines?  

    All the white wines from Rueda must be elaborated from varieties like Verdejo or Sauvignon Blanc that are the principal ones of the denomination. White Verdejo wines produce yellow wines with a huge aromatical potency incredibly elegant. They have fruity aroma and hints of anise. They are bodied, structured and a little bit sour. White Sauvignon Blanc are also aromatical and the smell reminds to tropical fruit. On mouth is pleasant. White Rueda Wines are cheerful, young, fresh and fruity at the same time that they are the most representative wines of the zone. White Rueda wines are incredible, at LaVinateria you’ll find the best Rueda wines, economical and renowned.

  • Which wineries can be found at LaVinateria?

    The best white Rueda wines are here, at a good price and with a huge quality. We have wineries like: Belondrade, Palacio de Bornos, José Pariente, Ramón Bilbao, Carramimbre, C.V.N.E, Marqués de Riscal or Protos. Even if you want white Rueda wines for your meals, to gift or to beat the heat. At LaVinateria you’ll find the best white D.O. Rueda wines. 


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