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Reserve white wines are a category of white wines that have been aged for a significant period before being marketed. As with red wines, the term "reserve" is used to indicate that these wines have undergone a longer and more careful aging process than young white wines.

  • How are reserve white wines made?

    Reserva white wines are generally aged in oak barrels and/or in bottles. Barrel aging time can vary depending on specific appellation regulations and winemaker preferences but is usually at least 6 months up to several years. During this time, the wine interacts with the oak wood, acquiring complexity and developing additional flavors and aromas, such as notes of vanilla, spices, and toast. After barrel aging, reserve white wines may also spend additional time in the bottle before being released to the market. This period of bottle aging allows the flavors and aromas to integrate further, and the wine to reach its full development potential.

  • What are reserve white wines like?

    Reserve white wines are known for their more mature and sophisticated character compared to young white wines and whites aged for shorter periods. They tend to offer a greater aromatic intensity, with a combination of ripe fruit notes and complex characteristics of oak aging. On the palate, they can be more structured, smooth, and elegant, with well-balanced acidity and greater complexity of flavours. These wines are ideal for those seeking deeper and more refined wine experiences, and who enjoy white wines with a distinctive and complex character. Reserve white wines are an excellent option to pair with more elaborate dishes with intense flavors, such as shellfish and fish in rich sauces, roasted poultry, rice dishes, and dishes with Mediterranean influences. They are a fascinating opportunity to appreciate the result of aging in white wines and to explore the many facets of this versatile and appreciated drink.


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