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The Prestige and appreciation of D.O. Rioja comes from their traditional vineyards, high diversity, quality, styles, and precedence. Rioja Crianza Wines, Rioja Reserve Wines, Rioja Gran Reserve Wines, Young Rioja Wines… La Rioja region is located at the North of Spain limitated by Cantabrian mountains and Demanda Mounts. This winery region is usually divided by Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental, all of them with their own spirit, landscapes, and personality. The Atlantic and Mediterranean climate meet at this historical valley with perfect conditions to cultivate wine.

  • How can be Rioja white Wines described?

    Each zone produces different wines due to their physical characteristics and the diversity of productors. La Rioja Alta white wines are perfect for ageing because they are bodied and acidic than others. We highlight wine cellars like Viña Tondonia, Marqués de Murrieta and Muga Wineries. On the other hand, Rioja Alavesa white Wines have high alcoholic degree and medium acidity. We find all type of wines able to be aged on barrel. Most renowned wineries are Marqués de Riscal, Luis Cañas or Remírez de Ganuza. At last, there also exist white Wines from Rioja Oriental that are structured wines with high alcoholic degree. The most used variety over these three zones is Tempranillo, even though Viura is also an important grape type. White Wines from La Rioja have an enormous importance all over the culture of Spanish wine. At LaVinateria you will find the best Rioja wines to drink at all your meals, to gift or to take anytime. At LaVinateria we have the best white La Rioja wines.

  • What are the best-known wineries in La Rioja?

    The best-known wineries are Marqués de Riscal, Luis Cañas or Remírez de Ganuza. Lastly, we find the white wines of the Rioja Oriental, which are structured white wines with a high alcohol content. The most widely used variety in the three zones is Tempranillo, although Viura is also of some importance. The white wines of La Rioja have a major importance in the wine history of the country. At LaVinateria you can find the best Rioja white wines for all meals, to give gifts, to drink in the afternoon. At LaVinateria you will find the best white wines from La Rioja.


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