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Generous Amontillado wines are a variety of fortified wines that are highly appreciated and characteristic of the Jerez region, in Spain. They have some distinctive features that make them unique.

What characteristics do Amontillado fortified wines have?

Generous Amontillado wines have a golden amber color and a dry and complex flavor. With intense aromas of nuts, spices and saline notes, these wines have an alcohol content between 16% and 18%. Their aging process under the solera and criaderas system gives them a velvety softness and makes them versatile accompaniments to a wide range of dishes, from cured cheeses to shellfish and white meats.


Generous Amontillado wines are appreciated for their elegance and their ability to enhance the flavors of gastronomy.

What do we accompany the Generous Amontillado wines with?

Generous Amontillado wines are ideal for pairing with a variety of dishes. Their versatility makes them the perfect companion for cured cheeses, offering a contrast of flavors. They are also excellent companions for shellfish, enhancing its delicate flavors. In addition, its elegance and complexity combine perfectly with white meats, providing a distinctive touch to the palate. They can even be enjoyed together with a good Iberian ham, highlighting its characteristics. For dessert lovers, these wines pair wonderfully with sweets containing nuts.


In short, Amontillado fortified wines are a safe choice to accompany a wide range of dishes and provide a complete gastronomic experience.


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