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The Monastrell variety, also known as Mourvèdre and Mataro, is a red grape variety that is widely grown in various wine-growing regions around the world. Originally from the Mediterranean region, this variety is especially prominent in Spain, particularly in the Jumilla region and the Yecla Designation of Origin.

What is the Monastrell grape variety like?

Monastrell grape clusters are small and compact, with thick, juicy skinned grapes. This characteristic contributes to the high concentration of color and tannins present in the wines made with this variety. Monastrell wines are known for their deep red color and aromatic intensity, characterized by notes of ripe black fruits, such as blackberries and plums, as well as spicy and earthy nuances.

Regarding their taste profile, Monastrell wines are usually robust and full-bodied. They have good acidity, which gives them freshness, and they have a solid tannic structure. These characteristics make Monastrell wines suitable for ageing, developing greater complexity and smoothness over time.


In summary, the Monastrell grape variety is appreciated for its intense character, deep color and robust structure. Its wines offer a wide range of aromas and flavors, with a notable presence of ripe black fruits and spicy notes. It is a versatile grape that adapts to various viticultural conditions and produces wines of high quality and distinctive personality.

What do Monastrell red wines pair with?

Red wines made from the Monastrell grape variety pair very well with a wide range of dishes due to their body, structure, and intense flavours. Their richness and complexity make them especially suitable to accompany roasted or grilled meats, such as beef, lamb or pork ribeye, highlighting the juicy flavors and enhancing the gastronomic experience.

In addition, Monastrell wines harmonize very well with game dishes, such as deer or wild boar, due to their robust character and earthy nuances. They are also complemented by stews and stews, where their tannins and structure are balanced by the concentrated flavors and smooth textures of the dishes.

When it comes to cheeses, Monastrell wines go well with ripe, intensely flavored cheeses, such as blue cheese or cured goat cheese, as their structure and complexity can complement and contrast the strong, salty flavors of the cheeses.


In short, Monastrell red wines are versatile and best enjoyed alongside dishes with intense flavors, such as roast meats, game dishes and mature cheeses. Their body, structure, and complex flavors make them an excellent choice to pair with a variety of culinary options, providing a rewarding dining experience.


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