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White Sauvignon is an hybrid varietal of white wines cultivated at Germany and Switzerland. This grape type is the result of the crossing Cabernet Sauvignon and an unknown variety. White Sauvignon clusters have different dimensions. The thick skin let them have a late pickup, this makes sweeter and concentred wines. The grape is elliptical with green colours and high production. The winery characteristics of this White Sauvignon variety can resume as the sensibility it has through some diseases, insects, frostings or less fertile grounds.

How are this white Sauvignon white wines?

White Sauvignon variety usually makes white wines with an acid must and green fruity flavour, grass and leaves. It also reminds of gooseberry, elder and flowers. All this White Sauvignon white wines are elegant and equilibrated with varietal aroma. As it seems, all of this wines are complicated to age well. White Sauvignon white wines are usually characterized to be aromatically powerful and a marked acidity. White young wines are fresh, dry and aromatical. In the case of the ones aged on barrel, they catch a chalky, stony and smoked flavour. Most of White Sauvignon White Wines have an intense colour with stable tannins.

Which White Sauvignon White Wines can be found at LaVinateria?

White Sauvignon is found over a lot of places around Europe. Spain couldn’t be an exception. From LaVinateria we offer you the best White Sauvignon White Wines from the most renowned wineries. For example: Agrícola Sant Josep, Bodega Iniesta, Menade, Naia, Avgvstvs Forvm, Espelt, Gramona, Livio Felluga, Marques de Riscal. Perelada, Raimat, Remelluri i SImonnet Febvre. Al lof them are known through all over the world. Here you’ll find the best white sauvignon wines at an amazing price.

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