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Other Liquors

There are numerous liquors beyond the typical ones. Some examples of other types of liquors are available at Lavinateria:


Almond liqueur: Known as Amaretto, it is an Italian liqueur with a sweet almond flavor. It is used in drinks like the Amaretto Sour or can be enjoyed neat on the rocks.

Apple liqueur: It is a sweet and fruity liqueur that is made from fermented or infused apples. It can be enjoyed neat or mixed in cocktails like the Apple Martini.

Hazelnut liqueur: Known as Frangelico, it is an Italian liqueur with a hazelnut flavor. It is used in cocktails like the B-52 or can be enjoyed neat or with coffee.

Aguardiente: It is a type of strong liquor that is produced through the distillation of fermented raw materials, such as sugar cane, beets, corn, grapes, among others. It is popular in various regions of the world, and each has its own distinctive varieties and characteristics.


These are just a few examples of the wide variety of spirits available on the market. Each has its own flavor profile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, whether neat, in cocktails, or as an ingredient in cooking.

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