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The rosé wines produced under the Biodynamic Agriculture approach stand out for their authenticity and respect for the natural environment. Winegrowers follow holistic principles and use biodynamic preparations, such as animal dung and silica horns, to strengthen the vitality of the soil and vines. Biodiversity and plant cover are valued, promoting the coexistence of plants and flowers that attract beneficial insects and control pests naturally. This sustainable approach seeks to create unique rosé wines, reflecting the essence of the terroir and providing a genuine and environmentally friendly winemaking experience.

  • How are rosé wines made by Biodynamic Agriculture?

    Rosé wines made using Biodynamic Agriculture follow a process that carefully combines nature-friendly practices and a holistic approach to the vineyard. It begins with the application of biodynamic preparations to the soil and vines to strengthen their health and vitality. The harvest is carried out carefully, selecting the grapes at their optimal point of ripeness to obtain the desired color and flavors. After the harvest, the grapes are macerated for a short period, allowing the pigments to be extracted from the skins and giving the characteristic pink hue. Finally, we proceed to fermentation, in which we seek to respect the lunar and astrophysical cycles to optimize the process. The result is an authentic, expressive, and sustainable rosé wine that reflects the essence of the terroir and the commitment to protecting the environment.

  • What are rosé wines from Biodynamic Agriculture like?

    The rosé wines made using Biodynamic Agriculture stand out for their distinctive character and their deep respect for nature. These wines are the result of a holistic process that seeks to work in harmony with the environment, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and focusing on sustainable practices. The vines are cultivated following the biodynamic calendar, using natural preparations to strengthen the soil and plants. The harvest is carried out with precision, selecting grapes at their optimal point of ripeness to achieve freshness and characteristic flavors. The short maceration and fermentation are carried out with sensitivity to the astrological and lunar cycles. The result is an exceptional rosé wine, full of expressiveness and balance, which reflects the unique identity of the terroir and the commitment to environmental sustainability. These wines represent an authentic and nature-friendly oenological experience, captivating wine lovers with their elegance and distinctive character.


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