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Biodynamic agriculture seeks to establish a harmonious balance between the soil, plants, animals, and the environment, working in harmony with natural rhythms. Biodynamic winegrowers use specific preparations made from natural substances, such as herbs and minerals, to strengthen and balance the soil and plants. These preparations are applied at specific times of the year, following the lunar calendar and cosmic rhythms.

  • How are red wines produced by Biodynamic Agriculture?

    The production of red wines under the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture focuses on the integration of natural processes and cosmic energies. It begins in the vineyard with the application of biodynamic preparations that strengthen the health of the vine and its connection with the environment. The harvest is carried out according to the lunar cycles and the maximum expression of the terroir is sought. The grapes are fermented with native yeasts and minimal oenological intervention. The maceration can be extended to achieve a smooth and complete extraction of the compounds from the skin. The wine is aged in oak barrels, preferably depending on the lunar rhythms. The result is a red wine that reflects the identity of the place and the influence of cosmic forces in its development, seeking a balance between nature and the final quality of the product.

  • What are the red wines from Biodynamic Agriculture like?

    Red wines made through Biodynamic Agriculture are characterized by being products that reflect the harmonious interaction between the earth, life, and natural cycles. These wines seek to capture the unique essence of the terroir, since they are grown and harvested following the lunar and planetary rhythms, applying biodynamic preparations to strengthen the health of the vines and the soil. As a result, biodynamic red wines exhibit remarkable depth, complexity, and balance, embodying the philosophy of respect for nature and its influence on the final product.

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