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The winery tradition of this zone comes from some time ago. These wines are rooted to the culture and tradition of this land. Terra Alta is located at the South of Catalunya between Ebre River and Matarranya Lands. The wines that are being produced at Terra Alta are representative from the dry Mediterranean climate with light rains. Winds have an important role for the growing of their vineyards and the production of the high-quality grapes. Terra Alta has an enormous relevance for the professionalization of the winery sector.

  • Which type of white wines does D.O. Terra Alta offer?

    Terra Alta wineries evolutive growth let them improve more and more their white wines. Talking about these D.O. Terra Alta white wines, these are made by Garnatxa Blanca and Macabeu. Young white wines are fresh and equilibrated but those that age on cask obtain more body and alcoholic grade. Their price, like their quality are great aspects to be aware of if you are interested on buying Terra Alta white wines. They are economical and high quality white wines. At LaVinateria we have a huge selection of the best D.O. Terra Alta white wines all of them with a great value for money.

  • Which are the best wine cellars of D.O. Terra Alta?

    Inside Terra Alta region can be found so many high-quality wineries that have been producing amazing red wines that use essentially the grape types of the D.O. Terra Alta. At La Vinateria you’ll find the following wineries: 7 Magnífics, Agrícola Sant Josep, Celler Jordi Miró, Clos Galena and Edetària. This are the most important wineries of red wine from Terra Alta.


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