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The Mencía grape variety is an autochthonous red variety from the northwest region of Spain, mainly in the Bierzo designation of origin and in some areas of Galicia. This grape has gained international recognition due to the quality and uniqueness of the wines it produces.

  • What is the Mencía grape variety like?

    The Mencía grape clusters are medium-sized and compact, with thick-skinned grapes and dark-purple coloration. Wines made from Mencía are known for their aromatic intensity and expressiveness. On the nose, vibrant fruity notes can be appreciated, such as cherries, raspberries, and blackberries, along with subtle floral and spicy nuances. On the palate, Mencía wines are usually fresh, elegant, and medium-bodied, with balanced acidity and soft tannins. They present a remarkable expression of fresh fruits, with flavors ranging from red fruits to the darkest and most ripe notes. Their refreshing and smooth profile makes them very accessible and palatable. The Mencía grape has earned a reputation for its ability to convey terroir and reflect the influence of its viticultural environment. Mencía wines show the unique expression of the region's soil and climate, making them distinctive wines full of character.

    In summary, the Mencía grape variety is an autochthonous red vine that produces fresh, aromatic, and medium-bodied wines. Its intense aromas and smooth structure in the mouth make it highly appreciated. Mencía wines capture the essence of the terroir and reflect the identity of the region in which they are grown.

  • What do Mencía red wines pair with?

    Red wines made from the Mencía grape variety pair well with a variety of dishes, thanks to their freshness and elegance. Mencía wines complement especially well with white meat dishes such as chicken, turkey, or rabbit. They also pair successfully with pork dishes, whether roasted, braised or prepared in sauce. The freshness and smoothness of Mencía wines highlight the delicate flavors of these meats. In addition, Mencía wines can accompany fish dishes, especially those with more subtle textures and flavors, such as salmon, trout, or sea bass. Its balanced acidity and elegance complement fish dishes in a harmonious way. As for cheeses, Mencía wines can be paired with medium intensity and soft cheeses, such as semi-cured goat cheese or young Manchego cheese. Mencía wines are also enjoyed together with traditional Spanish dishes, such as Iberian sausages, Spanish tortilla, paella, or tapas dishes, where their freshness and versatile character enhance the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

    In summary, Mencía red wines are versatile and adapt well to a variety of dishes. They combine especially well with white meats, pork dishes, fish, and soft cheeses. Their freshness, elegance, and ability to bring out flavors make them a pleasant choice for pairing with different culinary options.


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