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The Pedro Ximénez grape variety, known as PX, is widely used in the production of sweet and concentrated fortified wines.

What is the Pedro Ximénez grape variety like?

The Pedro Ximénez grape is characterized by its high sugar content and its ability to produce wines of great sweetness and smoothness. The wines generated from the Pedro Ximénez grape have a dark and deep color, with intense and captivating aromas of raisins, figs, dates, and caramel. On the palate, they are extremely sweet, with a dense texture and remarkable persistence. The Pedro Ximénez grape is also valued for its aging capacity, developing complex flavors and notes of dried fruits such as walnuts and hazelnuts.


In summary, the Pedro Ximénez grape variety is highly appreciated for its ability to produce sweet and concentrated fortified wines, which offer an intense and rewarding sensory experience.

What do Pedro Ximénez fortified wines pair with?

Pedro Ximénez fortified wines are excellent to pair with a variety of desserts and intense cheeses. Their intense sweetness and concentrated flavors make them the perfect partner for indulgent desserts like chocolate cakes, pecan tarts, vanilla ice cream, and caramelized fruit. They are also delicious when served neat as dessert wines, as their creamy sweetness is enough to satisfy the palate. In addition, Pedro Ximénez generous wines are ideal to accompany powerful blue cheeses, such as Roquefort or Stilton, since the combination of sweetness and intense flavors creates an exceptional taste harmony.


In summary, Pedro Ximénez fortified wines are a sublime choice to pair with decadent desserts and intense cheeses, offering a sweet and satisfying gastronomic experience.


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