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Gourmet products can include a wide variety of foods and drinks, such as cured meats, artisan cheeses, fresh breads, olive oils, vinegars and vinegars, jams, preserves, sauces, chocolates, coffee, tea, wines, beers, among others. They can also be products of organic origin, without preservatives, and in some cases produced in small quantities or limited editions. Gourmet products are commonly found in specialty stores, delis, fine-dining restaurants, and online stores. These products are often appreciated by consumers seeking a unique, high-quality dining experience.

  • What Gourmet Products do we have?

    Here is an overview of some gourmet products in different categories:

    Olive Oils

    Olive oil is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and a highly valued gourmet product. Gourmet olive oils are usually cold-pressed and made from high-quality olives. They may have a mild or spicy flavor and an herbal or fruity aroma.

    Vinegars and Acetos

    Gourmet vinegars and vinegars are made from wine, apples, or fruit, and are used to enhance the flavor of salads, vegetables, and meats. Balsamic vinegars are very popular and can taste sweet or tart, with a hint of vanilla or caramel.


    Gourmet cookies are usually made with high-quality ingredients like butter, high-quality flour, and organic sugar. They can have different flavors such as dark chocolate, dried fruit, ginger, cinnamon or citrus.


    Gourmet jams are made with seasonal fruits and usually have an intense and sweet flavor. They can be plain jams or have mixes with different flavors like strawberry-radish or blueberry-apple.


    Gourmet preserves include a wide variety of products, from pickled vegetables to smoked fish. They are usually made by hand and with high quality natural ingredients.

    Foie and Pates

    Foie gras is a gourmet product made from duck or goose liver. Pâtés are a fine paste that is made with different ingredients, such as pork or poultry. These products are used as a spread on toast or as an ingredient in gourmet dishes.

  • Sauces

    Gourmet sauces can be sweet, spicy, or sweet and sour and are used to enhance the flavor of meat or fish dishes. Some popular gourmet sauces include truffle sauce, caramelized onion sauce, or sweet chili sauce.


    Gourmet beers are brewed with high-quality ingredients and can have different flavors, such as notes of fruit, spices, or herbs.


    Gourmet sodas and tonics are made with natural ingredients and can come in different flavors, such as citrus, herbal, or berry.


    Botanicals are herbs and spices used to enhance the flavor of beverages and gourmet dishes. Some examples include hibiscus flower, orange peel, pink pepper, or juniper.


    Cider is a traditional alcoholic drink that is produced from the fermentation of apple or pear juice. It is popular in many regions of the world, especially in areas with a tradition of fruit growing.


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