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L'Olivera SCCL

L'Olivera SCCL

In L'Olivera, they grow and elaborate vines, olive trees and oils that express their origin, origin.

It is a cooperative of social integration, which incorporates people with difficulties that participate actively throughout the process. We started in 1974 in Vallbona de les Monges (Inland Catalonia) producing products of their agricultural heritage (such as wine and oil) that are a reflection of their land and its forms, the climate, the Cultivated varieties. They work respecting the cycles of nature and apply the criteria of organic farming. The vineyards that cover the L'Olivera winery are the only ones that are at the end of Vallbona. We want your crop to not be lost and make it viable here and now. Keep manual work on the vineyard (forming it, pruning it, orienting its vegetation and harvesting it) and olive trees (spreading and harvesting ). Labeled by hand and number one by one the bottles of wine and oil.

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