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Rosé wines made from the Xarel·lo Vermell grape variety are an exciting and rare option within the rosé wine category. Xarel·lo Vermell is a mutation of the white Xarel·lo grape, also native to Catalonia, and is known for its rare pinkish hue on the skin of the grapes.

What is the Xarel·lo Vermell grape variety like?

Xarel·lo Vermell clusters are medium in size and its grapes have a pale pink to salmon colored skin, which is the distinctive feature of this variety. In wines, this skin tone contributes to giving them a beautiful pale pink color and a greater aromatic intensity, which makes them especially attractive in the glass. On the nose, Xarel·lo Vermell offers a moderate aromatic intensity, with notes of red and citrus fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and grapefruit, combined with floral nuances and subtle herbaceous touches. On the palate, these wines are fresh and medium-bodied, showing balanced acidity and a smooth, pleasant texture. They are elegant and refreshing wines, ideal to enjoy on warm days and in informal moments.


Xarel·lo Vermell is an interesting and rare grape variety for rosé wine production, making it an intriguing choice for those looking to try something different and appreciate a distinctive glass of rosé wine. Its rarity and uniqueness enrich the diversity of flavors and experiences offered by the wide range of rosé wines available on the market.

What do Xarel·lo Vermell rosé wines pair with?

Rosé wines made from the Xarel·lo Vermell grape variety are a lovely choice to pair with a variety of dishes. Thanks to their freshness and elegance, these wines complement very well with light and fresh meals. They are ideal for pairing with fresh salads, seafood, and fish dishes, enhancing the natural flavors of these foods and adding a refreshing note to the culinary experience. Its moderate aromatic intensity and its red fruit notes make it an excellent choice to accompany Mediterranean dishes, such as tapas, paella, and rice dishes, where its vibrant character can harmonize with different ingredients. Xarel·lo Vermell rosé wines are especially suitable for enjoying outdoors on warm days and informal occasions, as their freshness and lightness make them an ideal option for moments of relaxation. Their uniqueness and distinctive character also make them an intriguing choice to pair with mild Asian cuisine and some spicy dishes, where their balanced acidity and fruit flavors can enhance the flavors and provide a pleasant balance.


In summary, Xarel·lo Vermell rosé wines offer a versatile and pleasant culinary experience, enriching the diversity of flavors in any gastronomic occasion.


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