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Castell del Remei S.L.

Castell del Remei S.L.

Castell del Remei is a winery of the D.O. Costers del Segre, located in a historicfarm in themunicipality of Penelles, in theregion of La Noguera, since 1780. Winesareproducedwith grapes fromthefarmundertheorders of Tomás Cusiné, thewinemaker of theestate.

Wasthefirst Catalan winerybuiltaccording to theBordeaux model of "chatêau" surroundedbyvineyards, pioneer in theimportation of theFrenchvarietiesSemillonand Cabernet Sauvignon in Cataloniaandthe 5th oldestwineryregistered in the "SpanishRegistry of Marks". Castell del Remei has a continental climate, withcoldwintersandhotsummersthatmakethevarietiesgrowandmaturenaturally. Thesoilsarepredominantlycalcareousandtheaverageage of thestrains is 25 years.

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