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Tanqueray is synonymous with quality gin, with acclaimed varieties such as Tanqueray Sevilla and the innovative Tanqueray 0.0 alcohol-free.

Since its inception, the Tanqueray distillery has been a pioneer in the production of exceptional gins, fusing tradition with innovation. One of its most distinctive products is "Tanqueray Sevilla", which evokes the citrus aromas and sunny atmosphere of Seville. However, in a world in constant evolution and in response to market demands, Tanqueray has not been left behind and has presented "Tanqueray 0.0", its interpretation of a non-alcoholic gin, allowing lovers of this drink to enjoy its characteristic flavor without the alcoholic content. Whatever your choice, whether by flavor or price, Tanqueray guarantees an unparalleled experience in the world of gin. Always attentive to trends and maintaining unquestionable quality, it is the perfect choice for those looking for the best in gin.

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Tanqueray & Co.


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