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Red wines with DO Toro come from the Toro wine region, located in the province of Zamora, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is famous for its long winemaking tradition and for producing red wines of great quality and character.

What red grape varieties are there in the DO Toro?

The DO Toro is characterized mainly by the production of red wines made mainly with the native grape variety Tinta de Toro, which is a variant of Tempranillo. This grape is the undisputed star in the region and provides the distinctive personality and character of Toro wines. Tinta de Toro is known for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and its ability to fully mature in the area's warm continental climate. In addition to Tinta de Toro, other complementary red varieties such as Garnacha, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are also cultivated, which enrich the palette of flavors and add complexity to the red wines of this DO However, it is the Tinta de Toro that takes center stage in most of the wines, giving them a unique and representative identity of the region.

  • How are the red wines of DO Toro?

    The production of the red wines of the DO Toro follows the traditional winemaking processes used in many wine-growing regions of Spain. The grapes are harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness. Inside. Toro, the harvest is usually manual to ensure the quality of the selected grapes. Once harvested, the grapes are destemmed to separate the clusters from the green parts, such as the stems. They can then be squeezed to release the juice and skins. The crushed grapes, together with the skins and seeds, are taken to the fermentation tanks. Here, the sugar in the must is converted to alcohol by the action of naturally present or added yeasts. During this process, the coloring components and characteristic flavors of the skins are also extracted. After fermentation, the skins and the must are allowed to be in contact for a certain time. This stage, known as maceration, is crucial to obtain the desired colour, tannins, and aromas of the wine. Once the maceration is finished, the wine is separated from the skins and seeds by pressing. The resulting must be transferred to another tank to continue its maturation process.

    Some red wines from DO Toro can go through a process of aging in oak barrels. The aging can last several months or even years, depending on the style of wine that the winemaker wants to obtain. During this time, the wine acquires greater complexity and structure, while it is enriched with aromas and flavors contributed by the oak wood. After fermentation, maceration, and aging (if applicable), the wine is blended to achieve the desired flavor profile. Finally, it is bottled and, in some cases, allowed to rest in the bottle for an additional period before being marketed and consumed. It is important to highlight that each winery may have its own specific techniques and approaches, which will result in a variety of red wines with different characteristics and personalities within the DO Toro. Tinta de Toro, as an autochthonous variety, plays a fundamental role in the production of these wines, contributing its unique character and expression to the result.

  • How can DO Toro red wines be paired?

    The red wines of the DO Toro are ideal for pairing with a wide variety of dishes, especially those of the rich Spanish gastronomy. Due to their intensity and character, they are perfect to accompany roast and grilled meats, such as lamb chops, veal tenderloins or pork ribs. Its robust structure and intense flavors harmonize wonderfully with stews and stews, such as the famous lamb stew or a powerful stew. In addition, the red wines of DO Toro are excellent companions for cured cheeses and sausages, creating a perfect balance between the power of the wine and the tasty flavors of these typical products. For those who prefer softer options, these wines can also accompany rice and pasta dishes with rich sauces, enhancing the flavors of a paella or lasagna. In short, the red wines of DO Toro are a versatile and delicious choice to enjoy with friends and family for various dining occasions.


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