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Red wines made through microvinifications are produced in limited quantities and focus on highlighting the unique characteristics of small vineyard plots or even individual vines. These wines are the result of a careful selection of grapes and a meticulous winemaking process, with the aim of capturing the essence and maximum expression of the terroir.

  • How are Microvinificaciones red wines made?

    The production of red wines through microvinification involves a highly selective and meticulous artisan process. It starts from vineyards specially chosen for their unique characteristics, and the harvest is done in small quantities. The grapes are treated with extreme care and are fermented separately according to their plots and varieties, allowing meticulous control of each batch. Winemaking can involve experimental and traditional techniques, from prolonged maceration to fermentation with indigenous yeasts. This meticulous attention results in limited edition red wines with deep colors, intense aromas and a distinctive flavor expression that captures the exceptional essence of each vineyard and vintage.

  • How are red wines Microvinifications?

    The red wines from microvinifications are authentic oenological jewels that reflect a unique expression of terroir and vintage. With deep and vibrant colors, its captivating and complex aromas reveal fruity, floral and earthy nuances. On the palate, they display a refined structure and distinctive flavors that tell the story of each plot of grapes. Being produced in small quantities, each bottle becomes an exclusive experience, offering an unparalleled sensory journey and an intimate connection with the land from which they come.


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