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The winery production of Conca the Barberà is connected to history: from the Roman times, passing through the Medium Age with the Cistercian Monks to the present, where the productors of Conca of Barberà take care of their vineyards. Rosé Conca of Barberà wines feel the Mediterranean climate influence due to its proximity to the sea and the Francolí River. The effect of this river plus the presence of different mountains like Mounts of Prades, have been helping to create a characteristic physiognomy of this zone. The moderate altitude is the cause of this wet and temperate winds, even though, winters are cold and there usually are frosts. Rosé Conca of Barberà wines are unique and well positioned on the Spanish wine production industry.

  • How are these Rosé Conca de Barberà wines?

    The Regulation Council of the Denomination Origin recommends the use of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Garnatxa, Monastrell, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Trepat and Ull de Llebre. Rosé wine is produced through Trepat, Ull  de Llebre and Garnatxa to get fresh and light wines with a ruby colour. At mouth you’ll taste red fruit and licorice. These wines have unique colours, smells and palate. There are some rosé wines from D.O. Conca de Barberà that age on barrel to achieve corpulence and flavour.

    Which are the wine cellars that highlight?

    Rosé wines from Conca of Barberà are known to be unique and special due to their land. In addition, at LaVInateria you’ll find the best and economical rosé wines. The most renowned wineries are Celler Carles Andreu, Celler Escoda Sanahuja, Cooperativa Vinícola de  Sarral and Vins de Pedra.


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