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Young rosé wines are a vibrant and fresh expression of this style of wine. These rosés are characterized by their youth and by being bottled shortly after fermentation, without undergoing a significant aging process.

How are young rosé wines made?

The young rosé wines are made following a winemaking process that stands out for its fresh and agile approach. It begins with the selection of specific grapes to produce rosé, which can come from red varieties or, in some cases, from specific grapes for rosé wines. Once harvested, the grapes are destemmed and gently pressed to extract the must, avoiding prolonged maceration with the skins to maintain the light and bright color characteristic of rosés.

The must is fermented at a low temperature, which helps to preserve the delicate fruity and fresh aromas. Fermentation can take place in stainless steel tanks or other non-porous containers to maintain the purity of the wine. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is stabilized and clarified to remove impurities and sediments.

Finally, young rosé wines are bottled quickly after being made, preserving their freshness and vitality. They are not subjected to prolonged aging processes in oak barrels or in bottles, since the objective is to capture the fruity and lively essence of the wine in its purest and freshest state.


The result is a young and charming rosé wine, with a palette of fruity flavors and aromas that stands out for its freshness and lightness. They are cheerful and versatile wines, ideal to be enjoyed in their youth and that highlight the essence of the terroir and the quality of the grapes used in their production.

What are young rosé wines like?

Young rosé wines are a delicious burst of freshness and vitality with every sip. With their light and bright color, these wines present an aromatic palette that stands out for its fruity and floral notes. From strawberry, raspberry and cherry aromas to citrus and floral notes, these wines evoke the very essence of spring and summer. On the palate, their balanced acidity and lightness make them irresistibly refreshing, while their ripe fruit flavors and smoothness on the palate invite another sip. They are perfect to pair with light meals, Mediterranean dishes, salads and, of course, to be enjoyed in informal meetings and moments of joy.


Young rosé wines are the ideal choice for those looking for a joyful and uncomplicated winemaking experience, delivering an explosion of fresh flavors and a feeling of happiness in every glass.

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