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Aceto Balsamico Del Duca

Aceto Balsamico Del Duca

It was founded at the end of the s. XIX, when Adriano Grosoli, began with the sale of specialties produced by them, in their delicatessen

The grandson of Adriano Grosoli, who is also called Adriano, is the current owner. In 1974 he decided to give his full support to the manufacture of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. In 2004, a new production center was inaugurated, where we can find oak barrels for ripening and aging, and the most modern bottling lines. As a curiosity note that the name "Aceto Balsámico Del Duca" was chosen by the founder Adriano to link him with Duke Francesco I D'Este, who was one of the most famous producers of vinegar in Modena.

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