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Blended whiskey is a popular choice due to its accessibility, versatility, and consistency in terms of flavor. It is a good option both to drink neat and to mix in cocktails.

How is Blended Whiskey made?

Blended whiskey is a carefully crafted blend of different types of whiskey, such as single malt whiskey and grain whiskey. Single malt whiskey is made primarily from malted barley and is distilled in copper pot stills at a single distillery. Grain whiskey, on the other hand, is produced from grains other than barley, such as corn, wheat, or rye, and is distilled in continuous stills.

Blended whiskeys are created with the aim of achieving a balance of flavors and aromas. The master blenders, experts in the creation of whiskeys, carefully select different whiskeys that complement and enhance the characteristics of each one. The goal is to obtain a balanced and consistent blend that can offer a harmonious taste experience.

Due to the mixture of different whiskeys, blended whiskeys can present a wide range of flavors. They can have smooth, sweet, fruity, spicy, or smoky notes, depending on the combination of whiskeys used. The combination of malt and grain whiskeys often brings additional complexity and smoothness to the flavor profile.


It is important to note that each brand and expression of blended whiskey may have unique characteristics and flavor profiles.

What flavor does Blended Whiskey have?

The flavor of blended whiskey can be smooth and balanced, with a velvety texture on the palate. In general, it tends to have a pleasant sweetness, with hints of vanilla, caramel, or honey coming from aging in oak barrels. Fruit flavors can also be appreciated, such as citrus and ripe fruits, as well as spicy touches, such as cinnamon or nutmeg.


Each blended whiskey has its own unique flavor profile, created through a careful blend of malt and grain whiskeys. Exploring different brands and expressions will allow you to discover the variety of flavors and find the one that meets your preferences.

How can we enjoy Blended Whiskey?

Blended whiskey can be enjoyed in several ways based on individual preferences. To fully savor its flavors and aromas, it can be enjoyed neat, without adding ice or mixers.

If a cooler option is preferred, it can be served over ice to chill slightly.

Additionally, blended whiskey is an excellent choice for cocktails like the highball, where it is mixed with soda or carbonated water to create a refreshing and flavorful drink. The key is to experiment and discover the way that best suits your taste and occasion.


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