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Red Wines D.O. Montsant

Creating D.O. Montsant was the best way to sum up the 50 wineries that can be found inside this territory. D.O. Montsant wraps up D.O.Q. Priorat so we can resume and say that Montsant is located between Baix Camp, Terra Alta, Priorat and Ribera d’Ebre. This zone is very special and bounded by Montsant and Prades mountains, Ebre river and some of its affluents. D.O. Montant vineyards are isolated from de Mediterranean climate. Their ground and climate are very different from each other so that’s why they distinguish 6 different zones on itself. The landscape is an important element for the cultural identity of this territory, they have an agricultural model based on their tradition and innovation.

¿Which are the wines that D.O. Montsant produce?

Apart from having wineries, cellars, and some other cooperatives the wine quality is enormous. D.O. Montsant produce red, rosé, white and generous wines. It's necessary to highlight that D.O. Montsant use especial grape types that helps this D.O. improve their category. To make red wines they are specialized on Red Garnatxa and Carinyena, but they also use Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, these red wines are the most common from D.O. Montsant. The varieties used summed up to the physical characteristics they have let them produce bodied red wines with a great and intense smell. You can find D.O. Montsant red wines at La Vinateria. We also have white wines produced with white Garnatxa and Macabeo to make fine, silky and structured white wines.

Which are the wineries we highlight from D.O. Montsant?

At La Vinateria we offer a great selection of the best red and white wines of D.O. Montsant. Some of the best wineries we have are: 7 Magnifics, Acústic Celler, Capçanes, Cooperativa Falset, Portal del Montsant, Venus la Universal i Vinyes Domènech.


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