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DO Montsant, located in the Catalonia region, is known for producing high-quality red wines with distinctive character. They reflect the passion and commitment of the region's winegrowers and wineries to creating exceptional red wines that capture the essence of Montsant's mountainous landscape and Mediterranean climate.

What red grape varieties are there in the DO Montsant?

Inside Montsant, various red grape varieties are grown that contribute to the production of these wines. Among the most common varieties are Garnacha which is the most predominant variety in the region, providing red wines with a medium to full body, intense flavors of red and black fruits, spicy notes, and soft tannins. The Carignan, which is an indigenous variety, provides structure and character to the wines, with intense black fruit flavors, earthy notes, and firm tannins. The international Syrah variety adds complexity and spicy notes to Montsant red wines, with dark fruit flavors and a more robust character. The Merlot brings softness and roundness, with notes of ripe fruit and velvety tannins. In addition to these main varieties, other complementary varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo are also cultivated, adding diversity and nuances to the wines of the DO Montsant.

  • How are the red wines of D.O. Montsant?

    The red wines of DO Montsant are made following a careful process that combines tradition and modernity to obtain high-quality wines. The harvest of the grapes is done manually or mechanized, carefully selecting the best grapes at their optimum point of maturity. This stage is crucial to guarantee the quality of the grapes used in the production of the wine. The grapes are destemmed, separating the clusters from the peduncle. Then, the grapes are gently squeezed to release the must and the skins. The must obtained is fermented in stainless steel tanks, concrete vats, or oak barrels, depending on the winemaker's choice. During fermentation, the sugars present in the must are converted into alcohol, thanks to the action of yeasts. During this process, the skins and skins of the grapes remain in contact with the fermented must, thus extracting colour, aromas, and tannins. The duration of the maceration can vary according to the desired style and the grape variety used. After finishing the fermentation and maceration, the pressing is carried out to extract the remaining wine from the solid residues (skins, seeds, etc.).

    This stage may or may not be part of the process, depending on the style of wine you want to obtain. Some red wines from DO Montsant go through a period of aging in oak barrels, where more complex aromas and flavors develop. The aging time varies according to the style of the wine and can be from a few months to several years. After aging, the wine can go through clarification and stabilization processes to remove impurities and improve its appearance and stability. Finally, the wine is bottled and allowed to rest in the bottle for a while before being sold. During this period, the wine can evolve and develop new nuances. It is important to note that each winery and winemaker may have their own specific methods and techniques to produce DO Montsant red wines. This allows diversity and the expression of the personality of each producer in the resulting wines.

  • Which is the best way to pair DO Montsant red wines?

    Red wines of DO Montsant are versatile and pair well with a wide variety of dishes. Their richness and structure make them an excellent choice to accompany grilled red meats, such as a juicy steak or tender lamb. They also complement perfectly with game dishes, such as wild boar or venison, highlighting the intense flavors of the meat. In addition, its balance and soft tannins make it an ideal companion for mature and cured cheeses. For those who prefer vegetarian options, the red wines of DO Montsant can be wonderful alongside sautéed mushroom dishes, roasted aubergines, or legume stews. In summary, the red wines of DO Montsant offer a wide range of gastronomic options, adapting to different palates and providing a satisfying pairing experience.


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