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White Alella wines are grown on a historical and surprisingly ubicated vineyards. They can be found in the middle of protected zones like Montseny, Marine Mountains, Coastal Mountains and Montnegre-Corredor Park. The extension of these vineyards is nearly 227 hectares located over Maresme. Some of them receive Mediterranean influence and some others, that have a different orientation have some continental influence. This location helps them to have well worked vineyards and prestige.

  • How are these white Alella wines?

    Obviously, they don’t exclusively produce white wines, even though these are the ones that highlight most. White Alella wines are quite good with a marked minerality due to their granitic ground. All their wineries have some strict farming policies and different from each other. The White varieties that dominate Alella region are White Pansa, White Garnatxa and White Picapoll. It’s authorized to use Chardonnay, Chenin, Macabeo, Malvasia, Moscatell, Parellada and White Sauvignon. Red Alella Wines are elaborated by Red Garnatxa, the same of sparkling rosé and blanc de noirs.

  • Which are the wineries that highlight?

    At LaVinateria you’ll find an accurate selection of the best white Alella wines. The best-known wineries are Alta Alella Mirgin and Raventós Alella. Alta Alella wines are known to be vegan and ecological.


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