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If you are interested in buying sweet wine according to specific varieties, at lavinateria.net you will find a wide selection.

These are just some of the more well-known varieties, but there are many more available on the market. Exploring options by variety will allow you to discover different flavor profiles and characteristics in sweet wines.


Furmint: The Furmint grape is used to produce sweet wines in the Tokaj region of Hungary. These wines typically have a balanced sweetness with citrus and tropical fruit notes and can age remarkably well.

Malvasia: Malvasia is a grape variety that is grown in different wine regions around the world. It is used to produce sweet wines with floral aromas and flavors of ripe fruit and honey.

Touriga: The Touriga Nacional grape is used in the production of sweet wines in the Douro region of Portugal, especially in the production of Port. These wines are rich and concentrated, with intense dark fruit flavors and spicy notes.

Mataró (Monastrell): The Mataró grape, also known as Monastrell, is used to make sweet wines, known for their intensity of color, full body, and flavors of ripe fruit and spices.

Malvasia de Sitges: This grape variety is grown in the Sitges region, near Barcelona. The sweet wines made with Malvasia de Sitges have a balanced sweetness with citrus, floral and honey notes.

Moscatel de Alejandría: The Moscatel de Alejandría grape is used in the production of intensely aromatic sweet wines, with flavors of exotic fruits, honey, and flowers.


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