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Riesling grape type variety is born on Rin region in Germany, where Riesling grape crops are extended. This variety also highlights at Alsace, Aragón and Catalonia where there are some tiny vineyards and high-quality wineries. Riesling variety is getting adapted to cold weathers to include more territories and cultivate more vineyards.

How is the Riesling variety cultivated?

Riesling grape harvest starts at the end of September. It’s a white variety that has a late maturation process. The pendants are small and compact with spherical greenish berries. The most has sugar and acidity medium levels.

What’s special of white Riesling wines?

White Riesling wines are fresh, floral, dry, and fruity. These can be aged on barrel. Riesling white wines have lemon, apple or peach aroma. The colour is yellow pale or intense depending on the time that the wine is aged on barrel.

Which Spanish denominations cultivate Riesling variety?

This is a recommended grape type at D.O. Somontano and D.O. Penedès, even though it is authorized at some other Spanish Denominations. The variety have intense freshness and acidity that opens an enormous world of different wines and variations of great quality gustative differences.

Which are the wine cellars that highlight at LaVinateria?

White Riesling wines are perfect to gift because we are not used on drinking these types of varieties. Perfect to surprise. So that it is an interesting present to your friends, family, acquaintances, or any other celebration that we would have. At LaVinateria we have the best white Riesling wines, the cheapest high quality Riesling wines. White Riesling wines at good price, even if they are white Germany Riesling wines or any other denominations. The most highlightable wine cellars that we have are: Castell d’Encús, Itsasmendi, León Beyer, Loosen Bros, Maison Trimbach, Markus Molitor, Miguel Torres or Tomas Cusine. Discover the best Riesling wines that we have.


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