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Sparkling wines can also be classified according to their production method and the agricultural practices used in the vineyard.


Ancestral Sparkling Wines

These sparkling wines are made using an ancient method that involves stopping the fermentation of the must before it is complete, usually by cooling or filtration. The wine is then bottled and continues to ferment in the bottle, naturally creating its own bubbles. This method is characterized by its simplicity and usually results in light and slightly sweet wines.


Organic Sparkling Wines

Organic sparkling wines are produced following certified organic farming practices. This means that the grapes are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and chemical intervention in the vineyard is minimized. The use of chemical additives in winemaking is also avoided. The resulting wines tend to be more natural and reflect the character of the terroir.


Sparkling Wines from Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic farming is a practice that goes beyond organic farming by incorporating spiritual and energetic aspects into viticulture. It is based on a lunar calendar and uses natural preparations to strengthen the health of the vineyard and the soil. Sparkling wines produced under this approach tend to be unique and expressive, with an emphasis on sustainability and connection to the land.


Sparkling Wines Aged on Lees

Sparkling wines aged on lees go through an aging process that involves leaving the wine in contact with the lees, which are the remains of yeast and other solids that remain after fermentation.


Barrel Fermented Sparkling Wines

Barrel-fermented sparkling wines are made through a process that combines two methods: barrel fermentation and sparkling fermentation.


These categories reflect both the way sparkling wines are made and the focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly agriculture. Consumers looking for wines with specific characteristics, as well as those concerned about sustainable agricultural practices, can find interesting options within these categories.


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