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Alcohol Free Gins

Non-alcoholic gins, also known as non-alcoholic gins or non-alcoholic gins, are an option for those who want to enjoy the taste and experience of a traditional gin without the effects of alcohol. These gins are made using a variety of methods and techniques to create a drink that mimics the flavor and aromas of conventional gin but does not contain alcohol.

How are non-alcoholic gins made?

Non-alcoholic gins are made using a combination of specific techniques and processes to create a drink that mimics the flavor and aromas of traditional gin without containing alcohol. First, a variety of botanicals are carefully selected, such as juniper, coriander, citrus and other spices, which will provide the characteristic flavors and aromas of the gin. Then, these ingredients are subjected to maceration or distillation processes, in which their essences and flavors are extracted without the presence of alcohol. In some cases, vacuum distillation methods or flavor extraction technologies may be used to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and produce a non-alcoholic gin with a similar flavor profile to the alcoholic version. Finally, a careful blending and adjustment of flavors is carried out to achieve a balance and aromatic complexity like that of conventional gin.


The result is a non-alcoholic gin that can be enjoyed neat, with tonic or as a base in mocktails, offering a taste experience like that of a traditional gin, but without the effects of alcohol. Each brand of non-alcoholic gin can have its own process and selection of ingredients, giving it a unique character and options for all tastes.

What brands of non-alcoholic Gin do we have at LaVinateria?

At LaVinateria we have one of the best non-alcoholic gin, Tanqueray 0.0, a non-alcoholic gin with a flavor profile like that of the original Tanqueray gin, but with a total absence of alcohol. Tanqueray 0.0 presents citrus, herbal, and spicy notes, offering a refreshing and balanced tasting experience.


This non-alcoholic option allows gin lovers to enjoy the distinctive flavors and nuances of Tanqueray without the effects of alcohol, making it ideal for those who prefer to abstain or limit their alcohol intake. Tanqueray 0.0 can be enjoyed in mocktails, such as the mocktail Gin and Tonic, or simply served over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime to bring out its botanical flavours.


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