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The Sémillon grape variety is widely recognized for its use in the production of sweet and dessert wines. This grape is characterized by its high concentration of sugar and its ability to develop noble rot, a fungus that dehydrates the grapes and further concentrates the sugars and flavors.

What is the Sémillon grape variety like?

Sémillon sweet wines exhibit intense sweetness balanced with refreshing acidity. They have a deep golden color and a silky texture on the palate. As for the aromas and flavors, they usually show notes of honey, apricot, candied citrus, and nuances of nuts. The Sémillon is a grape particularly suitable for the vinification of botrytised sweet wines, also known as botrytis wines or wines affected by noble rot. These wines are characterized by their complexity and richness, with intense flavors and a smooth texture.

What do sweet Sémillon wines pair with?

Sémillon sweet wines are an exceptional choice to pair with a variety of sweet dishes and cheeses. Their intense and balanced sweetness, together with their refreshing acidity, make them versatile companions at the table. They go particularly well with fruit-based desserts, such as tropical fruit tarts, apricot compotes, or apple crumbles. They are also an excellent option to accompany desserts with flavors based on cream, such as flans or crème brûlée. In addition, the sweet wines of Sémillon can be paired with rich and creamy cheeses, such as blue cheese or aged goat cheese, creating a balanced combination of flavors.


In general, Sémillon sweet wines offer a luxurious and satisfying pairing experience, enhancing, and complementing a variety of sweet dishes and cheeses.


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