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Red wines can be made in different ways. There are different methods and each one with unique characteristics and results.

  • Organic red wines are those that are made following sustainable agricultural practices that are respectful of the environment. In its cultivation, the use of synthetic chemical products, such as pesticides and herbicides, is avoided, and the use of natural methods to control pests and diseases is encouraged. In addition, organic fertilizer is used, and biodiversity is promoted in the vineyards. These wines reflect the terroir and usually have a fresh and fruity character.

    Microvinifications are winemaking processes in which a very limited production of grapes is used. Small vineyard parcels or even individual vines are carefully selected and vinified separately to highlight their unique characteristics. These wines are usually very exclusive and expressive, as they capture the essence of each parcel. Microvinifications allow different styles and varietals to be explored and can lead to red wines of great quality and complexity.

  • Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and sustainable approach that goes beyond organic farming. It is based on the principles developed by Rudolf Steiner and seeks to establish a harmonious balance between the vineyard, nature and the cosmos. In biodynamic viticulture, special preparations made from plant and mineral materials are used, following a lunar and astral calendar, to strengthen the vineyard and promote its health and vitality. Red wines made using this approach often reflect a greater expression of the terroir and have a distinctive personality.

    Kosher wines are those that comply with the Jewish dietary laws known as kashrut. These laws establish the dietary requirements and restrictions permitted according to Jewish traditions. They cannot contain non-kosher ingredients or additives, and production must be carried out with specific equipment and utensils to avoid contamination. Although kosher laws do not directly affect the taste of wine, they do influence the production process and the procedures used.

    It is important to note that winemaking can vary depending on the specific practices and regulations of each winery and wine region. Red wines made with an ecological approach, through microvinification or following the principles of biodynamic agriculture are interesting options for wine lovers looking for more sustainable products, with a unique character and a deeper connection with the land.


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