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Barrel-fermented sparkling wines are a variety of bubbly wines that are characterized by their production process.

How are barrel-fermented sparkling wines made?

Barrel-fermented sparkling wines are made through a process that combines two methods: barrel fermentation and sparkling fermentation. The grapes are pressed, and the must is fermented in oak barrels before being bottled with yeast and sugar for a second fermentation in the bottle. Aging in barrels provides complexity and nuances of vanilla and toast to the wine, which integrate with the bubbles during the second fermentation, creating a sparkling wine of great sophistication and structure.

What are barrel-fermented sparkling wines like?

These sparkling wines are known for their complex character and richness of flavors. They have an aromatic palette that includes notes of ripe fruits, vanilla, toast, and dried fruits, complemented by balanced acidity and fine, persistent bubbles. Its texture in the mouth is soft and creamy, and its profile is elegant and deep.

How to accompany barrel-fermented sparkling wines?

Due to their complexity and structure, barrel-fermented sparkling wines are ideal pairings for dishes with intense flavor and creamy texture. They are perfect to accompany grilled seafood, smoked fish dishes, roast birds with rich sauces, mushroom risottos, and cheeses with character, such as Gruyère or Comté. They are also an excellent option for enjoying alone, as an aperitif or for special celebrations that require an exceptional sparkling wine.


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