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Worldwide, Portugal is recognized for its fortified wines such as Port and Madeira. More and more wineries are trying to reinvent themselves and produce all kinds of wines. The topography and climate of Portugal varies greatly throughout the territory. The North borders Galicia giving rise to the coldest and rainiest areas of Portugal. Towards the centre of the country and near the coast, the climate is like the Mediterranean where the summers are warmer. As we get closer to the south, the temperatures rise.

  • What varieties stand out in the wines of Portugal?

    With an immensity of native varieties, Portugal enjoys a wide variety of different types of grapes. Although many of them are very similar. For example, in the white varieties we find Albariño and Loureiro in the North, but in the rest of the country, Portuguese whites use Fernao Pires. As for the red varieties, the most widespread variety is Catelao, although Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tempranillo are also very important.

  • What are the most recognized names of Portuguese wines?

    As one of the most widespread regions in Portugal, we find the DOP Vinhas Verdes, which is the second Denomination that produces the most. Both white and red wines and they use the Albariño and Loureiro varieties together with the Arinto. They are very fresh young white wines. If we focus on red wines, other denominations standout such as: the Alentejo region which is greatly affected by the maritime and continental climate. The vine gets very ripe and produces full-bodied wines that are very fruity and at the same time very fresh. They use the Tempranillo variety in addition to other French varieties. The Douro Valley where there are several Quintas or small wineries throughout the territory. Also worth mentioning is the Dao Region located between the sea and the mountains with a very continental climate.

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