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Crianza red wines are those that have undergone a period of aging in oak barrels and in the bottle before being marketed. This type of wine is characterized by its greater complexity and sophistication, since, during the aging process, there is an interaction between the wine and the oak wood that provides additional aromas, flavors and textures.

  • How are crianza red wines made?

    Crianza red wines are made using a controlled aging process that provides complexity and balance. After alcoholic fermentation, these wines mature in oak barrels for a specific period, which varies according to local regulations. During this time in the barrel, the wine acquires aromas and flavors from the wood, such as vanilla and spices, while the tannins soften, providing a more polished texture. Subsequently, the wine continues to mature in the bottle in the cellars of the winery, which allows a greater integration of flavors and a more harmonious evolution. The result is a Crianza red wine that offers an enriched sensory experience and an accessible option for those looking for a balance between youth and development.

  • How are the crianza red wines?

    Crianza red wines are known for their greater complexity and elegance. They tend to have a deep color intensity and a wide range of flavors and aromas, ranging from ripe fruit and spices to notes of vanilla and toast from the wood. In addition, the tannins are softened and better integrated, providing a silkier texture and harmonious balance. These wines are ideal for those looking for more structured and complex red wines, with additional aging capacity in the bottle.


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