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Red Crianza Wines

Red Crianza wines have a characteristic fermentation, they must age 24 months minimum of which 6 or 12 months on barrel. The best Crianza wines are the red ones, they get the best changes from all different processes: changing colour, savour, smell, body, and alcoholic degree.

Which is the best temperature to drink up Crianza red wines?

To appreciate the tannins, avoiding the acidity would get lower and enjoying Red Crianza wines it is necessary to increase the service temperature. So, the perfect service temperature of red Crianza wines is between 14ºC and 17ºC.

What makes red Crianza wines so special?

In Spain, there can be found so many different wines from distinct ageing types from the 96 origin denominations. The principal and most highlighted characteristics of the red Crianza wines can variate depending on the treatment and action of the yeasts. Each denomination operates and produces under the orders of the Regulator Council. The most known origin denominations with more productions of the best red crianza wines are: La Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Penedès, Toro, Somontano, Priorat i Montsant. Every wine is different and transmits each very own personality depending on various factors: grape type, climate conditioning, ground, producers and also the barrel characteristics.

Which are the red Crianza wines that highlights at LaVinateria?

All Spain wineries produce high quality red Crianza wines and their productors care of many facts to obtain the best red Crianza wines of each territory. At LaVinateria we highlight wine cellars like: Abadía da Cova, Agrícola Sant Josep, Artuke, Otto Bestué, Vega Sicilia, Carramimbre, Dominio de Atauta, Enate, Lagunilla, Luis Cañas, Martínez Lacuesta, Ramón Bilbao, Roda, Jordi Miró and some others. You will find the best red Crianza and economical wines.


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