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If you are interested in buying rosé wine according to specific varieties, at you will find a wide selection. These are just some of the more well-known varieties, but there are many more available on the market. Exploring options by variety will allow you to discover different flavor profiles and characteristics in rosé wines.

  • Trepat

    Autochthonous variety of red grape from Catalonia that is used for light and fresh rosé wines.


    Another native variety of Catalonia that is used in both red and rosé wines, with notes of ripe red fruits and spices.

    Red Cariñena

    Red grape variety that is grown in several regions, such as Catalonia, and is used for rosé wines with greater structure and intense flavors.

    Cabernet Franc

    Red variety best known for its role in Bordeaux red wines but is also used in making rosé wines. It can bring herbaceous and fruity notes to the wine.

    Xarel·lo Vermell

    It is a rosé variant of the Xarel·lo grape, which is normally used to make sparkling wines in the Catalonia region and for fresh rosé wines with balanced acidity.


    One of the most widespread grape varieties in the world, used for red, white, and rosé wines. In rosé wines, it provides fruity flavors and a pleasant roundness.

    Pinot noir

    Another red grape widely used in the production of rosé wines. It brings elegance, delicacy and notes of red fruits and flowers.

  • Syrah

    This red variety, native to the Rhône Valley in France, is also used in some rosé wines, providing intense aromas and spicy flavors.


    Another red variety that is used in both red and rosé wines, contributing fruity flavors and a smooth texture.


    Red grape variety found in southern France and commonly used in the production of rosé wines. Provides floral and fruity notes.

    These are just a few of the many grape varieties used to make rosé wines around the world. Each of them can bring different characteristics to the wine, creating a wide range of styles and flavors in this lovely wine category.


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