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Mistela sweet wines are special wines that are made by mixing grape must and alcohol, usually brandy, before fermentation is complete.

What characteristics do Mistela sweet wines have?

Mistela sweet wines are distinguished by their sweet and tasty character. These wines have a pronounced sweetness due to the addition of alcohol to the grape must before fermentation is complete. This early interruption preserves the natural sugars of the grape, resulting in a wine with a pleasant and balanced sweetness. In addition to their sweetness, Mistela wines usually exhibit intense aromas and a rich fruit expression, which varies according to the grape used in their production. Their smooth texture and medium body make them indulgent on the palate. Mistela sweet wines are perfect to accompany desserts, from cakes and tarts to ice cream and fresh fruit, adding a sweet and harmonious touch to each bite.


In short, Mistela wines stand out for their balanced sweetness, expressive aromas, and ability to enhance the gastronomic experience when paired with desserts.

What do we accompany sweet Mistela wines with?

Mistela sweet wines are an excellent option to accompany a variety of desserts and cheeses. Its balanced sweetness and intense flavors complement each other wonderfully in a variety of dishes. These wines are ideal for pairing with desserts such as cakes, cakes, flans, and ice cream, since their sweetness highlights and complements the sweet flavors of these foods. Furthermore, Mistela wines can be an excellent companion for soft and creamy cheeses, such as goat cheese or blue cheese, creating a harmony between sweet and salty flavours.

They can also be enjoyed on their own as an after-dinner wine, as their sweetness and richness of flavors make them a pleasurable experience on their own.


In short, Mistela sweet wines are a versatile and delicious option to pair with desserts and cheeses, or simply to enjoy on a special occasion.


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