Bodegas Garvey

Bodegas Garvey, birthplace of the iconic Calisay liqueur, a tradition that can be tasted in every drop.

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Bodegas Garvey

Bodegas Garvey

From the bowels of Bodegas Garvey, Calisay liquor is born, an elixir with history and unmatched character. Its nuances evoke ancestral recipes, perfected over the years. For collectors and lovers of the authentic, the "antique bottle calisay" is a testament to Garvey's legacy and tradition. Each bottle is a journey to the heart of a winery with centuries of experience, where passion and the art of distillation converge to offer a unique sensory experience. It is more than a liquor; is Calisay from Bodegas Garvey.


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