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Beer is a fermented and carbonated alcoholic beverage, made primarily from barley grains, water, yeast, and hops. There are different styles and varieties of beer around the world, each with its own distinctive characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma, color and body.

What types of beers do we have at LaVinateria?

There is a wide variety of types of beer, each with its distinctive characteristics.



It is one of the most common and widely consumed types of beer. It is characterized by having a low fermentation and is usually served cold. Pilsner and American Lager type beers are popular examples of this category.


This type of beer is fermented at higher temperatures than lagers, resulting in a wide range of flavors and aromas. Some examples of Ale beers are Pale Ale, India Pale Ale (IPA), Stout, and Porter.


These beers are brewed with a significant portion of wheat malt, giving them a distinctive flavor and often having a fruity character. The best-known wheat beers are Hefeweizen (Bavarian wheat) and Witbier (Belgian wheat).


Stout beers are dark, deep black in color, with toasty flavors and notes of coffee or chocolate. The most famous is the Guinness Stout.

IPA (Indian Pale Ale)

IPAs are bitter and aromatic beers that are characterized by their higher hop content. They have a distinctive hoppy flavor and often have citrus or tropical notes.


These are just a few examples of types of beer, but many more styles and regional variations exist throughout the world. Each type of beer offers a unique experience in terms of flavor, aroma, and body, making the world of beer very diverse and exciting.

What brands of beer can you buy at LaVinateria?

At LaVinateria, we offer a selection of beers that include all these varieties, ideal for tasting different styles and pairings. Discover our selection of beers and choose the one you like best!


Damm Beers

Duet: A Pilsner and Ale type beer that combines the best of both styles. It is a smooth and balanced beer that pairs well with meat dishes, fish, and salads.

AK Damm: A Märzen-type beer that combines malty flavor with a slight bitterness, ideal for pairing with roast meats and hearty dishes.

Inedit: A Belgian Witbier-type beer created to pair with food, especially haute cuisine, and creative gastronomy.

Moritz Beers

As for Moritz beers, we have varieties such as Epidor, a beer with more body and flavor than Moritz Original. The Radler, a light and refreshing beer with natural lemon juice, and the Red IPA, a beer with an intense and fruity flavor.

Desperados Beers

The Desperados brand offers a variety of tequila-flavored beers, including Desperados Original, perfect for pairing with Mexican cuisine, and Desperados Mojito, a refreshing mojito-flavored beer.

Guinness beers

Guinness Draft is a dry and intense stout with notes of coffee and chocolate, ideal for pairing with red meats and main dishes.

Paulaner Beer

Paulaner is a German beer brand that offers varieties such as Hefe-Weißbier, a smooth and refreshing wheat beer, and Oktoberfest Bier, a smooth and balanced lager.

Malquerida Beer

La Malquerida is a brand of Mexican craft beer, produced by the brewery of the same name. Malquerida is known for its focus on producing high-quality beers and for its variety of styles and flavors.

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