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What is D.O. Cava?

D.O. Cava is a denomination of exclusively Catalan origin for sparkling wines made with the chamanoise method, the same method as champagnes that consist of a double fermentation where the second is done in the bottle and is the one that provides all the characteristics bubbles of this sparkling wine.
  • What is the history of the D.O. Cava?

    With the ingenuity, effort and creativity of a few producers and winegrowers after being hit by the phylloxera, they began to make history with three white grape varieties: Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada to define what would be known as cava In 1991, the Cava Denomination of Origin regulation was approved together with the Regulatory Council.

    What are the characteristics of cavas?

    They are sparkling wines balanced in acidity, sweetness and body that must follow the regulations proposed by the Regulatory Council. In addition, each of the varieties used for production bring different things, for example: the Macabeo grape is fruity both in the mouth and in the nose. The Parellada grape is very fine and fresh. Finally, the Xarel·lo grape brings body and structure to the cavas.

  • Where do we find the Origin of Cava?

    The wine-growing area of ​​Penedès, specifically in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, which is where the capital of Cava is located. The first bottles, after being drawn, were deposited in underground caves known as cavas where the temperature and humidity were always controlled.

    What are the differences between champagnes and cavas?

    The grape varieties are different, as is the climate, since in Penedès there are many more hours of sunshine, the fermentation time of the must and the absence of sugars. Really, cavas and champagnes are only similar in their production method since both the flavor, the taste and the bubbles are different. At LaVinateria you will find the best brut cavas, rosé cavas, the best brut nature cavas. We have the best cheap cava to give away. La Vinateria is the best online store to buy cava at a good price.


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