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The Cariñena grape variety, also known as Carignan in other countries, is a red grape of Spanish origin. It is grown in various wine regions around the world, but it is best known for its presence in the Catalonia region.

  • What is the Cariñena grape variety like?

    Carignan grapes are medium to large, with a thick, bluish-black skin. They are known for having a juicy and tasty pulp. This variety is prized for its ability to adapt to hot, dry climates and its resistance to diseases and pests. Wines made with Cariñena grapes tend to have an intense and deep color, with a noticeable concentration of flavors. They present aromas and flavors of black fruits, such as blackberries and plums, as well as spicy and herbaceous notes. In terms of structure, Cariñena wines usually have firm tannins and moderate acidity. This grape variety is used both in monovarietal wines and in blends with other varieties. It is also used in the production of young red wines and aged wines, where it can provide complexity and longevity. In summary, the Cariñena grape variety is a red grape from Spain, known for its adaptability to hot and dry climates. The wines made with Cariñena are intense in color and flavor, with fruity and spicy aromas. Its versatility and distinctive character make it an interesting option for wine lovers.

  • What do Cariñena red wines pair with?

    Red wines made from the Cariñena grape variety pair very well with a wide variety of dishes. Thanks to their structure, concentration of flavors and firm tannins, these wines are ideal to accompany grilled red meats, such as beef steaks, pork ribs or roast lamb. Its robust body and character complement the intense and juicy flavors of the meat, creating a satisfying dining experience. In addition, Cariñena wines are well suited to game dishes, such as wild boar, deer, or rabbit. Its intensity and complexity combine with the rich and sometimes wild flavors of game meat, enhancing its nuances and creating a harmonious pairing. These wines are also an excellent option to accompany Mediterranean dishes, such as stews, stews, and paellas. Its spicy and herbaceous flavors integrate wonderfully with the typical ingredients of this cuisine, adding depth and complexity to the dishes. In addition, Cariñena wines can be a good accompaniment to mature and cured cheeses, since their structure and robust character are balanced by the intense and fatty flavors of the cheeses.

    In summary, Cariñena red wines pair well with grilled red meats, game dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, and mature cheeses. Their structure, concentration of flavors, and firm tannins make them a versatile and satisfying choice to enjoy with a variety of dishes and dining occasions.


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