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Why are they called Orange wines?

Breezed wines, also known as Orange Wines, are a type of wine that is characterized by its production process. These wines are made from white grapes that are fermented along with their skins and seeds for a long period of time.

How are Orange wines made?

This process of maceration with the skins and seeds is what gives the brisado wines their distinctive orange or dark yellow color. Furthermore, this process also contributes unique flavors and aromas, including earthy, floral and sometimes even tannic notes.

What characteristics do Orange wines have?

Breezed wines are also characterized by their texture, which is usually denser and more tannic than that of traditional white wines. They are very versatile wines that can be paired with a wide variety of foods, from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes.

Why buy Orange wines?

In summary, the breezed wines or Orange Wines are unique and distinctive wines that are made from fermented white grapes with their skins and seeds. They have an orange or dark yellow color, unique flavors and aromas, and a dense, tannic texture that makes them very versatile on the table. At LaVinateria we have some breezed wines and soon we will increase our variety of Orange Wines, so you can choose from more bottles in our online wine store.


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