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The Bosch Ratafia from the Bosch Distilleries house is a variety of ratafia produced in Catalonia. Bosch Distilleries are renowned for their expertise in the distillation and production of traditional spirits, including ratafia.

How is Bosch ratafia made?

Bosch ratafia is made following a traditional traditional process. First, a variety of high-quality herbs, fruits, spices, and nuts are carefully selected. These ingredients are macerated in aguardiente or brandy, allowing the flavors and aromas to infuse into the alcohol for a set period. During the maceration, the components mix and develop, creating a rich and aromatic base. After this process, the mixture is filtered, and sugar or honey is added to balance the flavors and add a touch of sweetness. Finally, the Bosch ratafia is bottled and ready to be enjoyed.


The result is a ratafia with a distinctive and balanced flavor, highlighting the herbal, fruity and spicy notes of the ingredients carefully selected by Bosch Distilleries.

What flavor does Bosch ratafia have?

Bosch ratafia is characterized by its balanced and distinctive flavor. This variety of ratafia offers a harmonious combination of herbal, fruity and spicy flavors. The selected herbs and spices provide aromatic and herbal nuances, which are intertwined with the fruit notes present in the maceration.

Depending on the specific recipe of the Bosch Distilleries house, it is possible to find flavors such as anise, cloves, cinnamon, or cardamom, which add complexity and depth to Bosch ratafia.


The result is a drink with a rounded flavor that is pleasant to the palate, where the different elements are harmoniously combined to offer a unique sensory experience. When tasting Bosch ratafia, it is possible to appreciate its distinctive character and the quality of the ingredients used in its preparation.

What types of Bosch ratafia are there?

At lavinateria.net, we currently have two types of Bosch ratafia:

Traditional Bosch Ratafia: It is the classic variety of Bosch ratafia, which follows a traditional recipe using herbs, fruits, spices and green nuts in its preparation. It offers a balanced and distinctive flavor.

Ratafia Bosch Reserva: This version of Bosch ratafia undergoes an additional period of aging in oak barrels, which gives it greater complexity and smoothness to the flavor. Barrel aging can add toasty, smoky and spicy notes to the flavor profile.


If you are looking to enjoy a unique and special drink, the Bosch ratafia is the best option for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try it as its competitive price will make it accessible to everyone. Buy your Bosch ratafia today at LaVinateria!

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